The Time of Liberty

Paris Panorama at Night

Welcome to my website!

I finally posted my first gallery here – Paris. It contains a selection of photos from my recent trip to Paris.

As it’s the first real content here I figured I will consider it the “Grand Opening” of worldinstills.com. I’ll also tell you a little bit about my website and recent efforts to organize 6 years worth of photos.

World In Stills

I’ve been taking photos for a few years now (who hasn’t, right?). I even experimented with Stock Photography for a while, which helped me improve considerably as a Photographer. There’s nothing like someone saying your work is not yet good enough to make you try harder.

This website is my attempt to organize, review, process and most importantly show you the last 6 years worth of photos. Whilst I enjoy the process of taking photos I figured what’s the point if no one ever sees them…

Out of Disk Space

Organizing and storing proved to be a challenge in itself. I started from reorganizing all the photos into a consistent folder structure that works for me but run out of disk space before I managed to copy over the photos from my recent trip to Japan.

This coupled with an increased paranoia of hard disk failure in my laptop prompted me to finally buy a 6TB dual-storage system with RAID 1 support (My Book Studio II). I’m still amazed on how quickly this thing is filling up.

Paris Gallery

All the photos in the Paris gallery were processed with Adobe Lightroom 4. Having previously done the majority of my post production/editing in the past with Photoshop, I decided to give Lightroom a try based on James’ recommendation.

I was quite pleased with it (not so much with its’ memory usage).

I’ll save more thoughts on that topic for some other post and simply invite you to take a look at my photos!